5000 Milestone passed.

Our website has crossed well over 5000 views/visits since it was let loose on the InterWebs. As at writing this update, 5818 to be precise. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

We expect that the count will rise significantly once the Daily ride reports roll in and get posted. There has been a little delay in getting around to it. Jet lag, back to life, work and other distractions just forced their way in. To add to that I had to do a little trouble shoot with the loading time of the site. On web as well as mobile, readers had complained that it just took too long to load. After a few days of checking the nuts and bolts, we were able to identify the culprits and remove them forthwith. The site loading time should be much faster now.

More to follow soon.

5000image: mimo.eu

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