Day 7 | The Convoy Crossing

Day 7 | Tandi to Sarchu

We encountered this water crossing riding a few hours from Tandi. This was along the Srinagar Kyonon Road. It would branch out further up, where we would fork off and head towards ZingZingBar and then to our night stop at Sarchu Tents.

This particular crossing had a nicely deceptive dip running right across the road. Easy to push through and get jammed into the dip ensuring freezing cold wet feet! Just as the PoshGoondas Crew reached the crossing, an Indian Army Convoy of Trucks (seen here) trundled along from the opposite side. This was a good thing. It gave us that time to look at the crossing and try and work out a good smooth line through the crossing based on how the trucks made their way across. The trucks were Army and they were bigger. They got right of way. No questions.  The actual crossing allowed only for single lane traffic.  The trucks were driving by young men, driving along with focus and concentration. Respect to them. The wait to cross was fairly long. It was the Indian Army which guards the borders in inhospitable regions. Patience was easy to come by.

Vir, Sam and Fiona had managed to cross (seen ahead between the trucks). Vir, as always, came up to the crossing to guide and help (if needed) others across the waters.


Convoy Crossing



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