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Back to Life; Back to Reality! This was my Facebook update this morning. Right up to a few days back our ‘reality’ was suiting up, starting the engines, navigating through river crossings, riding on non-existent roads and reveling with open throttles on the few good tarmac roads! All this seemed to evaporate in to the thin air with the ‘Thud’ of the aircraft wheels touching ground as I landed 54in Atlanta on Saturday. Left only with vivid memories of the Ride and the memories shared and created with friends, old and new.

Now comes the task of managing, curating, assimilating the Gigabytes (probably Terabytes) of media we have collected over the 12 days of our ride and add the non-ride related media before and after the ride was done. Media collected in form of images from iPhone/Smartphone, DSLR camera and the GoPro cameras. Multiply this with seven riders altogether (including Vir Nakai) and we have a mountain to go through.

The intention is to get all the images and videos into a central cloud folder. All seven of us upload our media to the folder creating a pool and then each one of us can download images/videos from the other riders, that we would like to keep for our collections.

We are currently leaning towards Dropbox as the best option right now. But I would like to throw this out to all our followers and friends and look for suggestions of options besides Dropbox that we should consider.

Please share your suggestions in the comments below.


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  1. Dropbox would be good idea for sharing the files but I doubt if others, such as friends and followers, would be able to view the pics / videos until we upload them somewhere. So that would still mean additional work for each of us. I wonder if uploading them directly on Flickr or some other site would be a simpler option?

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