The Mad Dash !

We thought we had ample time to make our JetAirways Chandigarh flight. We had forgotten, very much like InterStellar, time passes at a different and oblivious to any urgency pace! We lost 20 mins in getting out of the hotel and then the additional time lost during the security check process.

Until past the security we believed we still had ample time. Then the Departure information screens burst our leisurely bubble with flashing Red Capital Letters “FINAL CALL”.

And of course Murphy had to play his hand here too. Our gate was what looked like the furthest gate they could plan. Might have been easier just to walk to Chandigarh from the Gate. The strategically placed Jet Airways staff along the way chiding us for being late, chiding us for taking those few extra minutes in that soft plush bed (I digress) Yes ! Such staff and their admonishing looks just didn’t help at the time.

Two Posh Goondas found the gears that they didn’t know existed till that point! Usain Bolt who?!

As we settle into our seats we are 20 mins from ETD and half a plane worth of passengers still being waited on!

They better feed us good breakfast now!  

6 thoughts on “The Mad Dash !”

  1. Proud of you two goondas…Just landed in India and goondagiri started. Late running, delaying flights….keep it up. Proud of you goondas. However, am worried about the statement “Hope they serve good breakfast”…you cannot hope…you have to demand…after all you are a goonda.

  2. wow…….wouldnt have known if hadn’t read this…no mention on face time…this is just first of the adventure.

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