Ride before its too late by @bugmoto

Social media and its algorithms seem to learn so much about us from our online activities – truly amazes me. They say ‘we don’t listen through your phones’ – for me, the jury’s out on that. I digress. Based on my Instagram and YouTube activity, this video came up on my YouTube feed. Something to do with motorcycles; something to do with the fact that time is finite; I had to watch and listen.

I often get asked ‘Why do you ride?’ ‘What do you get out of it?’ And in answering, it is fairly difficult to articulate the feelings, the emotions, the freedoms and the joys of motorcycling. In his video, in a simple and effective manner, ‘Bug’, the creator of this video, answers these questions from his perspective. A perspective that most, if not all, riders would relate to. Bug also touches upon the idea of time being finite and we should ride (do things we enjoy) before it’s too late.

Here’s the video.

Watch it. Besides his thoughts the video is well made. If you like what he does, give him a follow. I did. ​⁠



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