Dunlop Trailmax Tires installed

New shoes for the #SuperTenere.

The tires Journey so far:
0mi – 600 miles:
Bridgestone BattleAxe Street tires. Stock tires with bike.

600mi to 9000miles:
Motoz Tractionator – 50/50 Off-road/street tires. I could have got a few miles more but erring on side of caution and Covid swapped back to the Bridgestone BattleAxes with a hiatus on off-road riding. This change was catalyzed by an off-road training weekend I had enrolled for taking place relatively closer to me, near Tampa, FL. (8400 miles)

9000mi – 14400miles:
Original stock Bridgestone BattleAxe. Again, I could have got a few hundred miles more, but the rear had a plug in it from a puncture and the front was about done also. The tire change also catalyzed by a group off-road ride which I wanted to ride. (5600 miles)

opted for the much acclaimed and positive reviewed Dunlop Mission TrailMax Tires. Let’s see how many miles they run. A harder walled, denser compound tires which is said to be smooth(er) when riding on asphalt. To be tested!


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