Solo Ride – Fort Mountain Ellijay Loop

Feb 20 (Monday) | Solo Ride – Fort Mountain Ellijay Loop | 157.5 miles | 3h22m
I really didn’t have any riding plans for Monday set out. But come Monday morning, a day off from work on account of Presidents Day, and the weather was expected to be clear skies, warm 70s temps. Hard to let such a good riding day go to waste. I finally set out at around 2:40pm to ride around and up to Fort Mountain looping back to the town of Ellijay. A door to door loop of 157miles (253kms).
Having started after having lunch at home, I just carried a bottle of water and a baggie of M&M Peanuts. I planned to stop for quick photos along the way, since I had routed through some ‘new’ roads – kind of back of the back roads, which had some sections of hard packed mud and gravel roads. Nice bits to stand and ride and get those off-road riding legs warmed up.
Just before Ellijay, the clear skies turned overcast. I really had not expected any rain. I checked on the Zumo GPS and the iPhone which showed the weather front was moving east with no rain expected. I decided to push on. Headed out of Ellijay on the 76 to Chatsworth, a quick run up old 411 (a very rustic and dated area) and right onto the Hwy 52 to head up to Fort Mountain and then down into Ellijay to complete the loop.
Just before the climb up to Fort Mountain, I took a few minutes water & M&Ms break at the Kwik-Stop gas station – located on the Hwy 52. Within the time I was there, I ‘discussed’ as to ‘what kind of bike is that?’ with two gents who stopped for a gas fill up and spotted me with my bike. I do believe I satisfied both with my explanation since they were all smiles and then wished me a safe trip home as we parted ways, and I rode off up the Fort Mountain. Being a holiday and towards the latter part of the day, the complete Fort Mountain section of Hwy 52 was practically empty. Few quick photos and head back home via Ellijay and then Ballground.

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