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Day 3 | Kalpa to Nako | July 7, 2015

July really gets the PoshGoondas reminiscing of the 2015 Ladakh ride with HelmetStories and VirNakai. We still can’t stop talking about as if the ride was just yesterday. A truly ‘memories for a lifetime’ experience.

This picture taken by fellow PoshGoonda, Nimish, shows us taking a few moments to take it all in. Me trying to capture the surrounding landscape on film, wondering if I’ll ever get the opportunity to be back there again; Vir (having done the ride so often) simply chilling in those signature RayBans! ‘Penny for your thoughts, Vir?’.

We had just completed the day’s ride, from Kalpa, along the roaring the Sutlej on dirt tracks, the perpetual jaw dropping landscape, the odd rock slide caused delays and then reaching Nako and perching on top of the hill overlooking the hamlet of Nako around the Lake, ensconced within the lap of Ma Nature at 11893 ft. 

Would I go back there? In a heartbeat! 

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