Day 5 | Kaza

Day 5 | Kaza, July 9, 2015

A welcome ‘rest’ day after a few days hard rides. The day was taken over by a ride to the Highest Postal Office in a small town called Kibber and a visit to the Key Monastery, perched high on top of a hill.

This was followed by an excellent lunch at Deysor Hotel, owned by a young adventurer, Karanbir. He laid out some Vegetarian Pasta, on a lush green lawn at the back of the hotel preceded by some Bruchetta. After all that Dhaba Rajmaa and Chawal, along our ride thus far, Pasta was extremely welcome.

A few of us then rode in to Kaza Town for money (ATM), souvenir shopping and by chance, a store that sold some Internet WiFi time. Easily identified by the swarm of our crew, like Bees to a hive, and others hunched over their devices trying to catch up and post as fast as their fingers could allow. An eOasis for the WiFi starved!

Some of our the crew split and headed back to the Hotel, in the meantime. After getting our WiFi fix, the rest of us then rushed back being chased by Thundering Rain Clouds and made it back just as the first few drops were thrown at us!

A special note of Thanks to Karanbir Singh Bedi, for his hospitality and putting up with the PoshGoondas Crew! Our compliments on the interior decor and artifacts and the excellent service. Keep the adventure alive, Sir!

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