The Three (Super) Teneres Tacos Ride

Ride Date: 04/30/2022
Miles Covered: 101
Weather Outlook: Dry, Clear, 75°~78°

Through the week the weather forecast kept showing chances of rain on Saturday, as we looked to plan to long(er) ride than the short one we did last Saturday. As the days passed so did the rain threats and on Friday we were presented with little or no chances of rain and a warm 75 deg day.

After the usual check on riders’ time availability, we locked down our little group of four riders. I assumed the Lead Rider position, with Avi in his regular sweep role and John and Rajesh (new rider to the group with a recent purchase of a 2020 Yamaha SuperTenere) running between us.

We met at our (currently) normal meet up point at 12:30pm for a 12:45pm KSU (Kick Stands Up and we set off). I wanted to get there around 12:15 for the chit chat and kicking the tires, especially since Rajesh and his new bike were new to our group. But one of those mornings happened where I left the ignition on for a long time, while prepping for the ride, and the battery went down with not enough startup amps juice to fire up the bike. I had to quickly get the bike jump started using one of those Jump Start Batteries. More on this little adventure in another post. This little shenanigan saw me reaching the meetup point just after 12:30pm. Quick exchange of pleasantries and we were ready to set off.

The initial ‘suburban’ roads were busy and this caused the group to split up on two different occasions. Once we hit the rural back roads, the group stayed together and we settled into a good ride.

Primarily, I planned to head to Burnt Mountain Lookout Point. My go to location to get in a good ride on fast straights and adrenaline pumping twists and turns winding between beautiful vistas and landscape. I chose to head down a back road I had not been on before, since it seemed to have nice elevation changes on top of the weaving left and right turns. This was Roscoe Collette Road off Yellow Creek Road near Ballground. It was going very well until it didn’t. Of the around 4.5 miles stretch, about 3.5 miles was nice weaving asphalt. So good. However, with 1.1 miles left for us to ride on this road, the asphalt ended and the road turned to a gravel patch. I had to stop the group. John rides a newer mode of the Honda Goldwing. While he was OK to ride through the gravel patch, I wasn’t too sure. A heavy bike on street tires could soon go taking a nap on the gravel! Not only the potential dents and scratches, having to lift the juggernaut on a hot day just didn’t seem appealing at the time. We decided to turn back, and head via another route ultimately getting us back onto the originally planned route. This led to some on the fly readjustment of the original route. Out of prudence, I clipped off half of the loop heading west and up to Burnt Mountain Lookout. This would have us climb up to Burnt Mountain and then back down the same way.

I particularly enjoy the Burnt Mountain segment of the ride. Gradual elevation with and almost perfect mix of long fast straights, and the undulating left and right turns. Clear day. Wind in your face. Throttle, cruise, brake, turn, apex, throttle out. The rush! After a breather at the lookout at almost 3000ft elevation, we headed back down and into some more rural back roads riding to our lunch stop.

The lunch stop decided on Avi’s suggestion was a nice Mexican Food restaurant called Fajitas Grill in Dawsonville, GA. Avi and I rode quite a few days during the Covid Period and this is one of the few restaurants which not only kept going through Covid, but is still running and still popular. Good service, Fresh Hot food, and a friendly staff.

After a good lunch Al Fresco in the shaded breezy outside area of the restaurant, time to suit up and head back. One by one the riders peeled off as their convenient exits came up capping off a nice 4.5 hr outing.


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  1. Beautiful outing with nature with friends.
    A great lift up.Sensible idea avoided gravel road ride particularly when wet.Sharp split second decision better be safe..Good narration

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