Spirited India | Color in Monochrome

Spirited India
Color in Monochrome

Back in December 2016, we travelled back to our hometown to attend a very dear friend’s daughter’s wedding. 

On one of the days preceding the wedding event, while my wife and her friend were busy doing their stuff, I decided to do a drive around in search of memory lanes of days bygone. In search of our school – (all three of us went to this same school) – where lifelong bonds were created. More about the school some other time.

Striking realization of how distances shrink over time. Back then cycling to school, the distances seemed as if we traveled an eternity and back. Daily. Now and in reality, it is just a few miles!

Anyhow, I stopped outside our school which is located on the banks of the River Vishwamitiri – the river that runs through Vadodara (I’d still rather call it Baroda) with the main road running across a bridge. I parked the car – because it’s so easy to park anywhere you like! – and decided to do a little walkabout across the bridge to take some pictures of the school.

Halfway across I came across this young man, Ramesh. He was trying to fly a kite – the height of the bridge making it a little easier to get the kite airborne at the end of a short (relatively) kite string. He was so engrossed that he didn’t notice me walk past him. I later turned back and stopped to have a chat with him. Made a few jokes about how his kite needs to get higher – and he promptly showed me how high, with a satisfying and triumphant smile on his face. I had a nice little chat with him in Gujarati. Good positive smart answers. I asked him if I could take his picture. With excitement and a spark in his eyes. “Yes” This is one of them. Originally shot in color.

I then asked him if there was a way to send the picture to him. He was too young to have a phone. There was one ‘China phone’ in his family, but he didn’t know the number and was a little confused about what ’email’ was. 
This is when my mind’s eye turned his image to a monochrome. And yet his colors, India’s colors still show – vibrant and vivid.


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