Skydio 2 | ‘Follow’ Test Run – First Flight

Drone Pilot: ✔️ (In training)
After a considerable wait to get the Skydio 2 Autonomous Drone, then wait for the good clear no rain days, and finally the courage to release the drone and have faith in its capabilities, I finally threw it up in the air for a test run.
The Skydio2, tracks a subject or vehicle, flies a set course, based on the mode selected and automatically avoids any trees or similar such obstacles, capturing 4K video so effortlessly and almost magically. Leaving me (the subject) to focus on the riding. It took a few runs before the Two finally convinced me to have faith in its capabilities and simply set the mode, launch it, and let it do its thing! Talk a out a Leap of Faith!

Video: @Skydio 2 Drone
Edits: GoPro Quik and Splice App
Music Track: Suburban Sunrise by Ran The Man (from the Splice App music library – permitted to be used by Splice App)

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