Twist the Wrist | Yamaha Super Tenere | The Audio Test Ride

Half cracked my audio (wind-noise) problem. So far I’ve tried mounting the mic-head in a few different positions inside the helmet to record my voice while riding – trying to mitigate the wind noise. With not so much luck.

A YouTuber’s tip ( @Brent Pearson ) was to mount the mic at the bottom of the back of the jacket which would pick up the motorcycle – exhaust sound well, and more importantly, without the wind noise. Sounds pretty good. This option would be sacrificing the ‘vlog’ aspect – I wouldn’t be able to record my rambles! (Which probably is a good thing! 😏)

Video Settings:
Hero 8
Shutter: 1/60
Hyper smooth: On
WB: 5000K
ISO: 100-400
Color: Flat

Audio Set up:
GoPro Media Mod
Purple Panda Lavalier mic
Dead Cat on Mic
GoPro mounted to Helmet Chin
Mic connected to Media Mod then inside the jacket and Mic clipped to bottom of the back of Jacket

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