GoPro Audio Vlog Test

Motorcycle: Yamaha SuperTenere 2017 ES
Camera: GoPro Hero 8 with GoPro Mic Adapter
Case: Metal Case with short cable microphone
Helmet: Klim Krios

Till date, for the most part, all my GoPro videos have been without any commentary. By me, of course! I used the videos, edited the length, added some nice snappy background music and released them to the world for the few odd customary likes. 😏

Towards the end of last year I decided to try and do a bit of vlogging. Adding some commentary while recording the ride.

This involved getting the bits and pieces of equipment and creating a setup on the helmet which doesn’t need too much work to set up before a ride and to take down after the ride. The biggest hassle was, and still is, trying to get the microphone inside the helmet situated in a wind turbulence free area. The Adventure helmet I use – the Klim Krios – is really not conducive to that. This is still a work in progress and going through the trials and errors process.

When listening to my voice playback, I really don’t like how it sounds overall. I tend to speak within myself and at times getting into a monotone rut. I need to work on this. Any tips on this will help me and the viewers do my videos a lot!

Thank you for watching and look forward to your comments.



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