Day 4 | Nako to Kaza | Malling Nala

This was the first half of the day’s ride from Nako to Kaza. Now getting into the ‘Middle Land’ – Spiti Valley – North Eastern section of the state of Himachal Pradesh. A nice mix of dirt tracks, aka Highway 505, cut into the rock face on one side and cliff edges on the other, and single lane asphalts is certain areas. The Barriers were predominately around the turns. All other areas, enjoy the view and try not to drop off!
This clip is a particular favorite. Around 7kms from our origin point (Knaygoh Kinner Camp, Nako).
The Malling Nala. Nala is like a culvert where the rain water runs down the mountain / hills and across the road and continues further down. Usually on a sharp bend in the road – the ‘crease’ in the mountain!
I vividly remember the misty, foggy ambience as we did a brief stop here and continued further. We were in the ‘shadow’ side of the mountain and could see the upcoming landscape brightly light by the Sun as we weaved around the mountain and crossed over to the Sun shining side. On this day our ride took us up to Kaza (Elevation: 3,800 m (12,500 ft)]
We encountered several Military truck convoys during our ride. This area being close to the Tibet/China border the Indian Military is more or less on high alert at most times.

Video by: Me and PoshGoondas
Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Black
Video Editor: Splice App
Audio track title: Just Dance
Audio Track composed by: Patrick Patrikios
(Download from YouTube’s Audio Library.)

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