Red Oak Covered Bridge, Woodbury, GA

Red Oak Covered Bridge, near Woodbury, GA.

This covered bridge built in the 1840’s, by freed slave and noted bridge builder, Horace King, is 391 feet long including the approaches.

The structure is the oldest and longest wood covered bridge in Georgia and is still open to vehicular traffic. It is located 4 miles north of Woodbury, GA on Covered Bridge Road. This bridge had been popularly known as the ‘Kissing Bridge’.  The approach road on one side (off SR 74/85) is asphalt up to the bridge. Cross the bridge and the road is a packed mud track leading to Flat Shoals Road.

Good location to do a little walkabout on the bridge and along the shores of the Creek. Cross the bridge and park up on the verge on either side. The asphalt side is better to park and has a picnic table to hang out. Easy walk down to the Red Oak Creek.

The nearby towns of Woodbury and Gay are quaint little – one street – towns with some old world charm still lingering on.

An additional claim to fame by this bridge is that it featured in a recent film – ‘Lawless’. 

A good, fun 272 miles round trip ride. Due to time being a little short, I chose (where possible) to use the highways. Not an automatic choice. And as luck would have it, I got caught by the rain on the way back. I had to make a brief stop to zip in the waterproof liner to the Rev’It Sand 3 Jacket. The Sand 3 pants had the liner already zipped in. The rain stopped after about a 10min ride and the rest of the ride was comfortable and dry. 

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