Vlogging | The early days

I was going through my old posts and happened to  browse through this one. Watching the video, I had forgotten that I had recorded audio while riding with my GoPro set up.

On hindsight, and knowing what I know now, the video of 8+ minutes was way too long.  The audio quality isn’t that great (although good enough at that time) and editing the video may have enhanced it a fair bit.

I’ve edited it for a re-release leaving only the segment with the recorded audio. Don’t miss the short, very short, scary moment (around 2:42!) Pleased to say that, such moments do not happen now.

An excerpt from the post.

.. Just as I had imagined, I was certainly a bit rusty handling some of the sharper curves. I tended to run wide towards the center line when turning into the curve. Even crossing the line on one occasion. Less traffic on the roads played in my favor here as well. Some more regular miles on similar roads will soon get rid of that ‘rust’. A quick stop along the way up to Suches at Chastatee Lookout Point, just before Woody Gap and then down to Suches.

I had planned to test out my audio recording set up on the way back. I hooked up a mic, positioned just inside the chin of the full face helmet and connected it to the GoPro camera. I wanted to try out ‘talking/recording’ while riding as well as the sound quality over the external noise from the wind and the bike. A short section can be heard in the video ..

What do you think?

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