RideLog 20200607 | Burnt Mountain, GA Graffiti

Over breakfast in the morning, a Sunday Morning, my better half asks me “So are you riding all day today also?” This came from my previous day’s 230mile ride which had me out of the house from 10:30am up to 7:00pm!
I replied “No, nothing planned today at all” And riders will understand the underlying sadness in that statement! 🙂 That being said, I immersed into planning and getting the bits and pieces done around the house; run shopping errands; and similar such very non-motorcycle and mundanes of life that need to be done.

Breakfast turned to lunch. Lunch to late afternoon. The weather outside was blue skies, warm and just right for, yes!, just right for a ride! A ride on my ‘raring to go’ Yamaha Super Tenere Motorcycle. A quick check on the time available, the distance I would want to ride and the mind rested on heading up to Burnt Mountain Overlook and back down. A nice little 2hr ride loop and some change for stopping and gazing out south Stone Mountain on one side and Kennesaw mountain on the other.

A good fun ride up. Very little traffic along the rural by-lanes and then up Burnt Mountain Road from Jasper which merges into the SR136 winding its way up to the Overlook. Being late afternoon Sunday, the parking spot – off the main road – was practically empty. Just one other car which soon left and then a few minutes later a sports bike rider stopped, quick chat and off he went. Leaving me to enjoy the view and the quietness on my own.

As is normal at such well frequented spots, Graffiti all over. On the ground, along the railings and few odd rocks on the other side of the railings. Some very nasty and rude. Most indifferent confirmation of ‘being there’. And a few very humorous and witty ones. I took some time walking along the railing and saving some of the interesting ones to camera. The video and the individual images below.

Burnt Mountain Bend
Burnt Mountain Bend
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