Whenever I go out on a ride, the ‘conscious’ mind tends to loosely carve up the ride into segments. Ride out; The Ride; ET Home; Home. Home being the most satisfying destination. Whether the ride is solo, with a group, a planned ride or just an amble around the back roads.

As I ride out the focus is on my motorcycle – the Yamaha Super Tenere. The beast! Fuel, mechanics, handling, brakes etc. It then swings into the route. Planned or unplanned, I’m heading somewhere. Mentally riding the intended route and scanning possible stop points, Kodak stops, and if traveling with a group (I get volunteered to lead!) possible watering hole locations or just ‘stretch the legs’ stop. Once into the ride, settle in and enjoy the ride, as the mind unwinds taking in the open spaces and natural beauty all around.

Around the halfway point, the mind switches to ‘ET Home’ mode. More often than not, the ride back would be along the route we set out on, looping back onto the final stretch. This is the time when the mind looks back at the ride so far. How good, bad or ugly it was and look for improving it some way on future rides. Better time distanced stops; Better locations to stop. More photos or videos or even less of them.

And then the ‘Home’ mode. The mind switches over from ride to home. Good, Bad or even Ugly; the riding day is done. Think ahead to the rest of the day’s plans. Either with the better half or with the whole family. An evening chilling at home or step out (non-Covid days!). But looking forward to getting home. Looking forward to being Home.

Wherever our journeys take us.
However much we enjoy the journeys;
Home is the best and most satisfying destination.

With these thoughts in the mind, I went back a few years ago when I delved into the world of recording personal (share with friends) podcast. One of them had a few words about what ‘Home’ means. At the time, this led on from one of my favorite songs by Michael Bublé – ‘Home’. I pulled the edited audio from that recording and added to a ride video and came up with this.

What does ‘Home’ mean to you?


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