Bridgestone BattleWings installed | #WIDT – Yamaha Super Tenere

8500miles ago I had changed the tires on the bike from the stock OEM Bridgestone BattleWings. BattleWing is a street leaning tire. I was heading to an off-road training weekend in Florida and the bike needed good off-road tires. I opted for a set of the MotoZ Tractionator.

The MotoZ tires worked out very well and gave me confidence when riding off-road. A good quality and durable tire. 8500 miles isn’t too bad. 
The front tire had started to wear out more than the rear. That and the personal choice to ride less off-road and more pavement for the rest of 2020, led me to have the OEM set (which were only 500miles old from new) reinstalled to replace the MotoZ tires. 

The plan is to use up and wear down this OEM set instead of leaving them taking up space in the garage. Once they are ready for replacement, the new set will be an Off-road set. Either the MotoZ set again or the new Dunlop Trailmax that seems to be very popular already.

Up on the Lift
Wheel’s off
New Shoes

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