RideLog 20200426 | Escape to Burnt Mountain

Miles covered: 117mile
Weather: Dry, Overcast 64°F ~ 55°F (18°C ~ 12°C)

Georgia started a slow exit from the (limited) Lockdown with a ‘soft’ opening of many ‘essential’ businesses. This and the weather being pretty decent we (Avi, Rajib and I) decided to use the warmer Sunday afternoon to head out for a short Ride to Coffee – taking the long way around! As we do.

My suggestion for the route today was to ride a loop to Burnt Mountain Lookout, back down the same way and up to Ellijay and cut back south to Ballground for a coffee stop at our, now favorite, Barrel House Coffee. This was accepted and off we went.

Pleasant 64°F soon dropped down to a windy 55°F. Cool. On the way up to Burnt Mountain, the breeze and drop in temperature had us wishing for another layer. It was good to get out of the wind chill from riding and stop under the Sun; a cold Sun! Looking South from the Lookout, we could see far into the distance, below the cloudline. Unusually, we were able to see Stone Mountain and the sweep across and see Kennesaw Mountain. Clear air – a benefit of the lockdown.

We did the customary Poser Pics and headed toward Ellijay via the back roads. A slight mess up by Google Maps had us riding on a boring slab stretch on the 515 just before getting into Ballground. The Coffee House was open for ‘Take-Out’ service only. No seating inside or out. We just stood outside near the railings, away from any pedestrian traffic.  Two rounds of nice Hot Mocha Latte  made with Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee set us up just right for the cold afternoon, Two rounds of this good stuff and a chinwag about all things under the sun later, we were ready to ride out back home.  A door to door ride of 117miles for me.

A good ride, albeit a little cold. It was still good to get out of the house and ride the back roads.


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