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Tenere Rambling
Tenere Rambling

Riding a good adventure motorcycle (mine’s the best model out there!) runs the risk of being led up the garden path. The Yamaha SuperTenere ES, on that day, got us into a single track, blocked by a fallen tree and eventually back out of it too. My friend, Huckleberry and I still look back at that day with a rueful smile!😏. Quite the experience.

But the bike and all the accessories worked well and did their job. This was the first time I ran the LoneRider Panniers (Saddlebags, Motobags) down narrow, wooded single tracks. Many times I found my feet being pushed back into the bags, but since these are semi-rigid, no harm no damage to the feet.

Questions I’ve been asked about these bags:
Q. Do these bags sag down when loaded?
A: No. The MotoBags are supported by metal frame on the inside which mounts to (my) SW Motech racks. Additionally a stiff thermoplastic support runs along the inside – front, bottom to back – the width of the bag. The bag is made from Hypalon material which is not stiff but quite firm and holds its shape. There are additional protective rubber supports on the bottom edges of the bags. All these design elements help in keeping the shape and have the bags looking sharp and neat.

Q: How about ease of use?
A: For me, (I’ve never had metal panniers) the only thing that needed getting used to was having to snap and unsnap 4 buckles each time the bag was opened or closed.

Q: Are Inner liners supplied with the bags?
A: Yes. The MotoBags come with inner roll top bags. But these can be difficult to slide into the bags if packed full. Best way to load these would be with inner bags situated inside the bags. I don’t use the inner bags as much though. The MotoBags are waterproof and protective enough to load directly without the inner bags. I have suggested to LoneRider to look at giving the inner bags some shape to make them easier to slide into and out of the MotoBags.

Q: Do you like any other design features?
A: Yes. The Molle System. The MotoBags have Molle loops on front, back and top which adds options to load more stuff. Currently I have a MSR bottle and a water bottle in Molle pouch mounted to the front of each bag via the Molle Loop System.

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