(Mobile) GoPro Battery Charger

(Mobile) GoPro 7 Battery Charger. 


Like most motorcycle riders, I like to capture cool and memorable moments on my GoPro Camera. However, while GoPro cameras have, more or less, become the ‘standard’ adventure camera, one of its drawbacks is the battery life. The battery can run dry very quickly! Often times, in the middle of recording one of those ‘once and not again’ kind of moments. (Ask me how I know!).

To overcome this drawback, I used to carry extra batteries. Soon though, I realized, that this wasn’t the best solution. On days which had more video recordings, it was easy to go through the spare batteries too. I needed a good charger which I could hook up to my motorcycle’s battery via USB, to charge while I am riding. This would give me fully charged batteries, ready to go!

I needed a USB charger, able to charge at least two (2) batteries, a closed case to protect from the dust and water spray from any rain along the way. I was planning to situate the charger behind the motorcycle windscreen. This would protect it from ‘direct’ dust, dirt and rain. After keeping an eye on the usual GoPro accessory channels, I finally found a charger that matches all my requirements.


TELESIN Triple Charger Battery Kit for GoPro: 

What I like:

  • Charges 3 GoPro (Hero 7) Batteries simultaneously
  • Acts as a storage box shielding the batteries from water drops (spray), dust and debris
  • Protects from overcharging, short circuit, shock,
  • Easy to use, compact and lightweight
  • USB to Type C connector cable. Easy to plug and unplug from either end. 
  • LED indicator lights on the outside of the case. 

What I don’t like: 

  • The size of the batteries drives the design and form to be a cube. While not a big deal, it would be nice to see a little flatter design in future updates.
  • The Telesin batteries don’t last as long as the GoPro batteries. But with the charger, this is not a deal breaker. 

For the price, ($27.99 at the time of writing this post for charger and 2 batteries) this is an excellent product. The charger is supplied with two 1220mAh batteries. This charger has become a permanent GoPro 7 battery charger on my motorcycle. I have it mounted to the dashboard plate with 3M adhesive pads and hooked up to my a USB hub pulling power from my battery. I have 3 batteries stored (more or less) permanently in the charger, one in the camera and just to be safe,  3 additional batteries in the tank bag. ‘Just in case’ precaution! I have now been using this Mobile GoPro 7 Battery Charger and setup up for five months now and it has been working perfectly. While the Telesin Triple Battery Charger is my motorcycle accessory, this can easily be used in day to day life. The size makes it easy to carry when travelling and the case keeps the batteries organized and secure. No fumbling; No fuss; No Mess. 

Telesin Triple Battery Charger
Telesin Triple Battery Charger in use

Where to buy: 

Amazon Link: TELESIN Triple Charger Battery Kit for GoPro: 

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