It’s Ride Time !

Sun’s out. Spring is here. And the ensuing weekend battles between Ride time, home chores, errands, social calendar.

Some stars were forced into alignment, some aligned all on their own. It was Ride Time on Sunday. Wishing it was ‘Any Given Sunday’! I was all set for morning few hours ride with a fellow Super Tenere rider, Huckleberry.

In preparation for a ride up to and through the North Georgia forests tomorrow, I put in a quick ride to the gas station. Best to get the bike fueled up today rather than take time out stopping somewhere tomorrow.

I also took the opportunity to test out three Action-Cam (GoPro) POV Locations.

📸 Right side mirror – forward facing
📸 Right side mirror – Selfie mode
📸 Right side guard front wheel facing

Here’s a quick video:

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