The Thaw Out Ride

This must be a personal record of sorts. Since the Super T ADV Off-road Training weekend back in August 2018, I hadn’t been able to put in a decent ride. August happened and then September brought with it Life, Family, Indian and American festivities – LIFE, in general.

I normally ride during the winter months. Wrapped up in the right apparel, the relative warmer winter temperatures here in Georgia allow for winter Road riding. The North Georgia Forests and Mountains not so much on a account of the low temperature freeze, snow and ice. But all of December and January, here in Atlanta area, were blanketed with cold temps and consistent rain. Not conducive to riding. Many ‘hard’ riders would disagree. Give me some time, and I probably will disagree too!

Anyhow, yesterday, Friday Feb 1, saw the mercury rising and the Sun doing what it is supposed to and chasing the clouds away. The latter half of my Friday afternoon had me thinking up a short ride in the backroads – just a road ride – not off-road. Around a 50mile round trip – back home just as the Sun went down.

At this time I was browsing through the Yamaha Super Tenere Forum and in particular the Moto-Tag ‘game’ thread. The latest tag was an ‘old gas (petrol) station. Any rider would need to ride to a similar location, take a photo and post to the thread to ‘Grab’ the tag. And to keep the game going then post a new Tag – another location with bike – which other riders can then try and grab.

So an ‘Old Gas Station’. Purpose for the short ride. I knew a perfect location. On a regular route I ride, Yellow Creek Road, lies an old and now derelict gas station and store – Stancils Store. (I’ve written about this location in another post many moons ago.) About a 50mile round trip. Blow away the 2018 cobwebs ride!

Wearing the right Jackets and Pants and sealing off the skin to the air, the ride was comfortable. The heated grips on my bike worked perfectly and kept the palms warm, while the handlebar guards kept the cold air from hitting the ‘exposed’ knuckles area of the hand.

Great ride there. Took the ‘Grab’ photo and multiple other pictures, as one does!

Side story: Right across the Stancils Store is an old wooden cabin with an old rusting tractor – practically from the ice age! Some more pictures. While doing this, I had parked up my bike on the grass patch on the side an intersection and taking pictures. From the corner of my eye, I see a Forsyth County Police car pass by, slow down, move on, slow down. I focus my attention on it with the thought ‘Oh Crap! what did I do now?’ Which soon changed to ‘Hold on, you haven’t done anything wrong – at worst you may be asked to move off the verge …’ Meanwhile the Blue Lights spring on, the SUV (now appearing in my mind’s eye like it has just jumped out of a Mad Max film set) make that sharp rubber screeching U Turn and parks up, half on the road, half on the grass. I’m now standing up, remove my helmet, ready to pull out my ID, if asked. It turned out all cordial. He turned around just to make sure I was OK and if I needed any help! A quick exchange about the weather, riding days, nice bike, and ended with the customary ‘Ride safe’ and my ‘Thank you for stopping to check on me’.

I had the Grab and I now needed a Tag. Another perfect spot on the same road on the way back. A Farm / Ranch gate and a Wooden entrance arch with farm life and animals metal cut out along the top edge. The light was in that ‘golden hour’ range – enhance the photos.

Ride back was a little colder. The Sun having set. But still comfortable and well worth putting in the short ride!

Photos from the ride:

The Grab:

The Tag:


The Cabin and Tractor across from the ‘Grab’ location:

The ‘customary’ other pictures:

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    1. Give me more time next time you visit and we will roam the back roads. Great ‘photo’ locations closeby!

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