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The Yahama Super Tenere Forum is a very active, helpful and extremely informative forum. A great bunch of ‘veteran’ Super Tenere creating a vast pool of knowledge on all things Super Tenere. 

The forum posts as well as various other groups indicated that the front Fork Seals are open to possible minute sand / dust particles getting in and creating leaking seals. This is all the more important when riding off-road. In order to avoid this happening the Seals need to be covered and keep them protected. 

Again, scanning the forums and various motorcycle groups the choice of Seal Protectors narrowed down to Seal Savers. Seal Savers is an extremely simple product which simply works. A neoprene sleeve slipped over the seal area and zip tied if need be. The original versions are sleeve tubes which need to go over the forks and slipped over the seal area. This meant that the front wheel needed to be removed to get access to the fork end to slide the Seal Saver up. Fair amount of work. Seal Savers recently released a ‘zip on version’. Zip-on comes in all colors as long as it’s Black. Non Zip-on Seal Savers come in various bright colors. The Zip-on didn’t need the wheel to be removed. Wrap the sleeve around the fork and zip up to close the sleeve and then position over the seal area. The set comes with two industrial strength zip ties that would hold the sleeve in place. As per Seal Savers, on Zip on Seal Savers, Zip times are required only if the Seal Saver is found to be slipping off the seal area. While installing the zip tie, I accidentally rolled it off the sleeve. Since it was already pulled tight the only way was to cut it off. I sent a note to Seal Savers and without any hesitation a set of zip ties was mailed out at no extra cost. 

What does it do and a review rolled into one video: 

Another good product backed up by great customer service. 




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