Guglatec Filter | #WIDT

I had read a few recommendations from Super Tenere riders using the Guglatec Fuel Filter and finally decided to pull the plug and bought one.

The filter is made in Italy by Guglatec Filters and imported and distributed in the US by BestRest Products.  David and his team at BestRest Products are great to work with and very helpful. The filter sits inside the Fuel Tank Filler mouth and filters fuel (gasoline / petrol) as you fill up each time, every time. Not only does it filter out contaminants such as dirt, sand as you fill the tank, but also WATER! The water filtration is not so much a problem in the western countries, but would the one most important feature when riding through many countries where the fuel is not the best quality and often available in roadside shacks or food stops in re-purposed plastic water bottles. 

What does the Guglatec Filter do: 


It’s been about 400 miles since I installed the Guglatec Filter. At around the 500mile, I plan to do a check. I don’t expect to find water but probably a little bit of dirt and/or sand. 

Guglatec Filter installed | 2017 Yamaha Super Tenere ES


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