The Tail Bag’s a Keeper | Nelson Rigg Tail Bag

The day that I got dumped on by the rain was when inadvertently the Nelson Rigg Tail Bag was put to the test in the rain. The Tail Bag without the Rain Cover is ‘water resistent’ But not water proof. That’s what the Rain Cover is for. 

While I was waiting in the office waiting for the rain to let up, it poured buckets directly onto the Bag. No rain cover. The rain pelted down directly onto the Tail Bag. No protection. Cats and Dogs. Bucket loads. 

I did think about the contents. And with relief remembered that there were just gloves and sunglasses in a case. Nothing that any water seepage could damage.

The rain let up enough to ride out and head home. I didn’t want to waste time checking the Tail Bag. I expected it to be drenched and waterlogged anyway. 

As soon as the SuperTenere was up on the center stand and my wet mesh jacket hung up to dry, I opened up the Tail Bag. I half expected the gloves floating around inside the bag ! 🙄

Surprisingly, bone dry! Not a drop seeped through from anywhere. From the top, the side, the zip. Nothing.  Surprised and much pleased. A nice little Tail Bag indeed. 

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  1. I have two, one for the DR650 and one for the AT. Just be careful with the zippers. Had one break on my first one and no one could or would fix them. The rep for the company stated and I quote, Those zippers are tricky.

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