Pay It Forward at Huddle House, Hiawassee, GA

I wrote about last Sunday’s ride up the Georgia Mountains. Therein I described a certain family sitting on the next table in the Huddle House, waiting for the rain to roll over for me to get back on the road. 

“While I was reflecting on where I was, how I got there, lucky to have been in a town etc.. a couple on the next table caught my attention and took my thoughts on another path. They were later joined by an elderly lady – barely able to walk, frail and yet still wanting to manage as much as she could by herself. But thatโ€™s another story later. ” 

To continue this story…

The reflection on my circumstance and situation put me in a tad contemplative mood. The rains pelting down outside; the dull grey ambiance; the yellow hue of the Huddle House lights lent to that also. And in that moment, the heart chose and the mind agreed, that I pay for the family’s order – whatever the amount may be. As in the very popular and viral #PayItForward movement. 

With the rain letting up and the bright skies returning as the rain clouds passed by, I quickly got my things together to be ready to leave quickly. 

I went up the to the counter to pay: 

Me to Server: If it’s OK with you, I’d like to pay for the family over there
Server: Are you sure? For all three? [Fair bit surprised at my request]
Me: Yes, I’m sure and yes, for all three. But let me leave first and then tell them, if you don’t mind. I’d prefer it that way
Server: OK. Total will be ….. Thank you and sure, I’ll tell them after I see you leave.

As I was walking out of the door, the lady called out to me: “Be careful out there and ride safe”. I thanked her and with a smile “I sure will. Thank you and you have a good rest of the day”. I walk out of the door into a light drizzle, saddled up and rode out. A light heart and smile on my face. A hope that in a very small way, I was able to put a smile on their faces, even if for a short time.

Now; I relate this story not for the sake of accolades or appreciation. And my belief is when you do something for someone, don’t make a song and dance of it; don’t do it for the pats on your back; don’t do it for your ego. But do it because you can; because you are able; because you were there and perhaps because you were meant to! I relate this story here to hopefully have more riders, traversing the wonderful Georgia (or wherever their respective ‘local’ riding area is) give something back to the community – in whatever way they can. On the whole, the North Georgia folks are very mindful of riders and always ready for a chat, a helping hand, or even that nod of appreciation as they admire your bike. 

Pay it forward.

One thought on “Pay It Forward at Huddle House, Hiawassee, GA”

  1. Wonderful. Meant to be in your genes.

    Hatimtai – Neki kar dariya mein fenk. Kar bhala ho bhala..

    Anytime helping message flashes in brain Godly sent act instantly and forget about Yes, no, Thank you. Wonderful gesture goes a very very long way, Rakesh. Bblessings and good wishes. Carry on.

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