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For quite some time I’ve been using Magnetic Tank bags mounted on the fuel tank. While magnetic tank bags work very well in that they are quick and easy to mount and take off the tank, it does have its drawbacks. The biggest one in my mind is the potential for the magnet pads to scratch the paint (So sue me, I can get a bit OCD like that!). Next option would be strapped down tank bags. These too can potentially, over time, gradually wear off the paint on account of the slight give on the straps as the bike bounces around.

Furthermore, the magnet mounted tank bags can (and for me, did) interfere with the standing position when riding off road. Not to mention the ‘flopping’ about the non-rigid walled bags which can get distracting.

I decided to opt for bag mounted on the tail rack – behind the pillion seat, on the luggage rack. The Nelson Rigg Tail Bag (Sports) became my choice. In terms of size, features and price point it was the all around easy choice. The Nelson Rigg Tail bag had the best capacity, expandable (16L to 22L) and mainly water repellent. Waterproof if the rain cover used.

I really liked the Enduristan Tail Bag (8L capacity). Excellent build and quality and waterproof. But the size was just that bit too small for my liking. Other option was (with rain cover) the Wolfman Peak Tail Bag (8L-11L). The Nelson Rigg edged ahead with the size & capacity.

Mounting the Bag on the stock tail rack which I currently have was fairly easy. The rear two hook straps tied down nicely to the Tail Rack. A single hook strap was used to anchor the front the bag (but the part which faces the rear). The strap ran through a space under and behind the tail rack, securely anchoring it from any front/back or side to side movement.

Once situated and strapped down, it does look quite nice and maintains the lines of the bike.

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