Mounting GoPro on Helmet

Klim Krios (White/Blue)

I recently updated my Helmet with the Klim Krios. 

This presented a problem that needs to be solved. Mounting the much needed spamming tool – the GoPro Hero 5 Camera. 

The most popular placement is on the right of the helmet. The POV would show the helmet’s ride side and / or the peak. While being popular, I have never like this placement. I find the loss of symmetry (read as a bit OCD-esque) and the one sided  view not very appealing. I tried this placement on my last ride. Didn’t really like it. Too fiddly to manage the GoPro controls. 

The next common placement is perched on top of the helmet. Like a Tele Tubby! And for his reason, such a placement will not happen on my helmet. 

Next up is the Chin Mount. Camera mounted on the ‘protruding’ chin of the helmet. Those who have seen my videos posted on YouTube will know that this is my favorite spot on the helmet to mount the GoPro. The POV is symmetrical showing a nice Arc of a view, including the bike’s front from the handlebars to the windscreen. 

With this new helmet and it’s design shape not allowing for a flat surface presents the problem as to how the camera can be mounted and yet not ruin the overall look of the helmet. 

Work in progress. 

Do you have any ideas or recommendations on how to get the GoPro mounted to the front of the helmet? 

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