The Foolhardy Get Wet Ride

May 20, 2018
Start ODO: 2480
End ODO: 2540
Miles covered: 60miles
Weather: Overcast, high 70s – low 80s

One sometimes enjoys a good Saturday night with friends. One then has to wait for that good Saturday night to ‘wear off’ before undertaking a ride on the Sunday! And I did that. One of those days when a ride had to happen. I normally check the weather using Dark Sky app on my iPhone. I check origin weather, destination weather and a ‘halfway’ point weather also. Foolhardiness got the better of me and judging from the bright, warm weather outside, set out in my Summer Mesh jacket. 

I headed straight to my current off-road stomping ground – Dawson Forest – even though it’s just that one road which is currently open to ride. It’s fairly close and it has decent amount of ‘off-road’ quality to practice and try and improve my offroad riding. 

Just as I turned off the asphalt on onto the FS Road, I noticed the dark gray sky. I fired up the weather app, (clearly a bit late) and must to my expectation and disappointment, Light Rain was forecast for the next two hours beginning in about 20 mins.  Normally, I have no problem riding in the rain. It is inconvenient, no doubt, but with the right gear I have not found it to be of any trouble. With the right gear. I was wearing my Summer Mesh Jacket. That’s like wearing a shirt in the rain! It doesn’t stop the rain from driving through the mesh. Fortunately, I was wearing my Klim Latitude Pants (waterproof) and my Icon Patrol Boots (waterproof). With this fact in mind, I quickly put in a couple of runs on the trail road. Just as I was riding onto the asphalt, a drizzle started which over the next mile or so grew to moderate – i can feel my shirt getting wet’ – rain. I decided to plod on and stop only if the rain got heavier. Small consolation that the boots and the pants were doing what they are supposed to – keep the water out. Few more miles and rain decided to test my resolve! At that point I came up to a traffic light which was Red. Standing still in heavy rain was not an appealing thought. I turned right and into the Gas Station on the opposite side to take shelter under the canopy and wait out a about 15mins for the torrent to pass by before I went further on. 

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While I was waiting; Phone taken off the Quad Lock mount and tucked away into the tank bag, gloves swapped out to dry and better water protection (while not being waterproof) ones. As the rain lightened up a bit, I set out again and made my way back. Around 10 miles of light rain with a few short heavy bursts changed to clouds and bright sun! All this time, I was kicking myself for (i) not checking the weather and (ii) not wearing the correct jacket for the weather. It would have been wet riding but at least I would have been dry. 

Even so, I ride is a ride. Lessons learnt. 

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