Solo Runabout

May 19, 2018
Miles covered: 50miles
Weather: Bright, high 70s, light clouds

Right through the week, the weather forecast showed that the weekend was more or less washed out by rain. The Gears & Beers crowd, spirits dampened, didn’t really plan out a ride. A quick RTE to Lake Lanier and back. My Saturday wasn’t compatible with a long ride. So the plan was to do the RTE if, by a long shot, the weather turned for the better. 

Roll on Saturday and the weather did turn. The ride was on with a muster at 11:15. Just as I confirmed to the group, I got a call from my Electrician that he would be able to attend to some repairs at 11am!  

RTE shelved. Three of the Gears & Beers crowd managed to ride to Pelican Pete on Lane Lanier; Avi, Rajib and John. 

As the electrician went about his work I kept myself busy washing the Super Tenere. That done, I got my new helmet, the Klim Krios, set up with shield and pin lock. 

Klim Krios (White/Blue)

By the time the electrician was done, it was too late for me to clip it down to the boys, join them for a quick bite and a ride back. With that being the case I couldn’t not ride. Geared up, fueled up and rode the back roads through rural Milton, left and right, led by whims and fancy. Some interesting single roads.

On the way back, I stopped for the mandatory ‘Look at my bike’ pictures at an old closed down store. Along the route I normally take to get into rural – no traffic roads – as soon as I can. 

Old Store


Selfie. Just because!
Pepsi Cola

As I looked for a perch to place the phone for the selfie shot, I spotted an old empty Pepsi Cola bottle on the ledge of the window, complete with anchoring cobwebs. There must be a story behind that bottle being there! 

A nice solo runabout! 

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