Playing in the Dirt | Dawson Forest, GA


May 12, 2018
Destination: Dawson Forest WMA, (City of Atlanta Tract), Dawsonville, GA
Weather Outlook: Clear blue skies, low 80s, Perfect riding weather

Saturday was dedicated to the Gears and Beers Group ride. Sunday had a solo ride planned. 

Initially, the plan was to knock out one more location of the Grand Tour of GA, 2018. But this needed an early Sunday morning start and would have become a long(ish) ride. After some pottering about trying to look busy at home, decision was made (quite easily) to put in a quick explore and ride session in and around the Dawson Forest area. 

Due to seasonal closures many of the side trails (I’m still not really sure whether vehicles are allowed on these side trails) were gated closed. Leaving the main ‘road’ – Sweetwater Church Road open for a ride. 

Over the first mile or so, I found myself tentative and grasping for confidence. But as the gravel and stones crunched under the Motoz GPS Tractionator Tires, the confidence grew, posture more controlled, and speeds at a fair clip. Less brakes, more clutch control, less steering, more turning with the weight, leaning. All the techniques learnt while on Sand Training weekend in Florida, back in February (Zacker Adventures) came back and an ear to ear smile ensued. 

The Super Tenere being well balanced, agile and spirited quickly settled me into a nice ride. The Motoz Tires just did what they are supposed to. 

Sweetwater Church Road has a creek running through it. Decent depth, flowing water. I was wearing my Kevlar jeans with knee guards. I really didn’t want to wade through the water to check the depth and gauge a path of least resistance and get also sloshy. Creek Crossing was left for another day. 

 A couple of stops to take the mandatory ‘Look at my bike, on a trail‘ photo shots and a ride back home via the back roads. The GoPro camera Hero 5 – has a built in GPS feature which also collects telemetry such as GForce, Elevation changes and Speed. I chose to add the Speed to the final video compilation below. The speed will serve as a very loose guideline or benchmark for future rides where with more such rides, I hope and expect to improve my ability to ride offroad well. 

Can’t wait to get out there on the Super Tenere soon. 





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