First Cl’ass’ experience!

It’s one thing to talk about a cross-country rickshaw trip and a whole other ball(s) game to actually do it. My first 2 hours ride on Indian roads went uneventfully which is just the way we want it to be for the rest of trip.

After getting used to the level of honks and the duration it needs to be used to get the reaction you need,which is, “get the hell out of my way”, you realize how great it is to see India in an Autorickshaw.

Riding with someone who is as patient as Rakesh also makes it doubly enjoyable.He didn’t flinch a second as I found the neutral gear in stalled Rickshaw while a Kerala bus,two Marutis, three other Autos and four Motorbikes tested their horn capacity- Screw you “Horn” y fellows).

There is a wonderful chain of restaurants in this stretch of road from Kerala to Coimbatore called “India Coffee House”. We made second pit stop also in same place. Now, the first cl’ass’ needs some rest to gain some of its old form as Rakesh drives for next couple of hours. More to come…

Chunga Road Diaries to continue…


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