How to lift a Motorcycle

The Yamaha FJR 1300 AE that I ride weighs 650lbs (295kgs). This makes it an extremely sturdy and stable bike. Ideal for long distance touring. The 1298cc peppy engine gives it the Sporty performance. All this is well and good and hunky dory until the bike finds itself laying on the ground. Rider stupidity or accident or even an accidental fall (as if that is a valid reason) can account for such a thing to happen. The bike on side stand on soft ground can also do this. The weight of the bike leaning into the side stand is enough for the side stand to be pushed through into the soft ground and laying the bike down. I am guilty of the former. Utter stupidity! [Link: TLGA – At location OLYGLD06].

The easiest way would be to ask someone close by to help. But then this is okay if the location is populated with people willing to come and help you right the bike. What if the location is isolated? In the middle a National Park or an isolated road? It’s just you and the bike. No big deal if you’re the Hulk ! But an average JoeBlog contending with 650lbs of dead solid weight is just another ball game.

How to lift a motorcycle?

The most important thing is not to try and lift the bike while facing the bike. This way makes it very hard on the back and can cause a strain or serious injury. The trick is to have the back facing the bike, using the lower back just to support, the arms to control the lift with most of the lifting work done by the thighs/legs.

There are many videos out there on YouTube which provides a visual presentation of the How-To. Most of the videos that I found were based on the bike falling on its ‘easier’ right side. This particular video shows how to lift the bike fallen on both, its left and right, sides. The side stand makes it easier – from the right side, and a touch harder – from the left side. This particular video isn’t super Imax quality but the method is well and clearly presented.

Hope this helps fairly new or recent riders – very much like me – get out of a sticky situation. Do you have any interesting stories to share related to a fallen bike?

All part of the fun of Riding a motorcycle!

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