RideLog 20150207 | Just another short ride | Dawsonville, GA

February 7, 2015
Start Odo: 3763
End Odo: 3840
Miles Covered: 77
Destination: Dawsonville, GA
Weather Outlook: High: 58°F, 14°C | Sunny

I had no plans at all to ride today. While having breakfast and looking outside at what seemed to be nice bright morning, I checked the Weather on the iPhone which showed high 50s temperatures, no wind and nearly cloudless blue skies. What else can there be to do than to get the Feej set up for a ride!

By the time I was ready to leave, it was 2pm. Time enough for a quick backroads run – via scenic routes – to Dawsonville and back down south from there via Hwy9.

I did think about following SR372 right up to Ellijay and heading East and down to Dawsonville, but contingent to how the ride goes up to Tate, GA. The open roads, with the odd slow truck hogging the single lane roads and few passing breaks in the yellow lines, are great for an ambling meandering ride. Sad to see a bridge being replaced. Formerly the road led down and right to the bridge, over the bridge and up and to the right. With the new bridge starting at the elevated sections, the slopes will disappear as will the little chicane. A nice little section will get slabbed out. Progress!

Up to and through Ballground, GA, continuing right past Ballground on to SR372 up to Tate, GA. From there, picked up SR53, shooting me East to Dawsonville, GA. Nice section of the SR53 to put the Feej through its paces. Dawsonville, GA has a special place in memory. It was my first few ‘Bonus’ locations on my First Rally – The Grand Tour of Georgia 2014. Decided to stop for a bit for a break and a few pictures. The Atlanta Motorsports Park isn’t far from Dawsonville. Being in my backyard, so to speak, I had not yet actually been there. A short ride up to the gates, customary picture as a ‘I was here’ and then back on Hwy9-South to head home. Around a 2hr ride. FJR riding pretty well, pleased to say and the Rider riding even better!

The pictures:

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