RideLog 20150208 | Wolf Pen Gap Road, Suches

February 8, 2015
Start Odo: 3840
End Odo: 3969
Miles Covered: 129
Destination: Wolf Pen Gap Store, Suches, GA
Weather Outlook: High: 60°F, 16°C | Clouds/PM Sun

When I started my lazy Sunday, I had no plans to go out on a ride. But as the morning wore on and the day outside got brighter and inviting, I had no choice but to do the right thing and head out for a ride. Albeit a short one.

But first a tip of spit and polish and get the Feej to sparkle a tad. During one of my first visits to the Motorcycle Store, Cycle Gear, on staff recommendation, I picked up a can of MotoPro Spray Polish. I’ve found it to be very convenient for a quick shine. Spray. Wipe. Shine. Ride!

That done, time to hook up the electronics. TomTom Rider for the GPS, iPhone bluetoothed to the Rider, Scala G9 for the BlueTooth Headset – bluetoothed to the Rider and of course, the trusty GoPro Hero 3 Black. A quick bite to eat, and it was ATGATT time.

I planned to head up to Wolf Pen Gap Store at the junction of SR60 and SR180 up to around 3oooft in the Chattahoochee National Forest. The debate was whether to slab it up on 400N or take the meandering Hwy9 through Dawsonville and joining up with SR60. I was in no hurry so meandering Hwy9 won.

Traffic was a fair amount. Being a nice day after a run of gray cold days, many folks were out and about, more so on the trails and walkways. Leading to Dawsonville and then up to Dahlonega, Hwy9 is a good ride. A ton of left right turns, some long sweeping turns. I had decided to stop at Lake Zwerner for a short break just before hitting the ride up to Suches. The small parking space was packed and I barely found a place to park the Feej. Right next to a shiny chromed Vulcan900. Good looking bike, no doubt. But a Feej it is not! The owner of the bike was out of Canton, GA and bought the Vulcan a few weeks ago. Some repo deal came his way. The break in the weather also got him to ride the SR60, dropping into Blue Ridge and down to Canton. We got talking about the Feej and he seemed disappointed at his choice for the Vulcan towards the end of that conversation! But then it could be my very one sided bias in favor of the FJR, which gave me that impression! I had meant to take a couple of pictures with the bikes and the rider. His phone intruded and soon after he decided to jump on the Vulcan and shoot off with a quick ‘Bye, see you around’. If anything, the Vulcan announced that it was in the vicinity! Loud pipes saves lives and all that….

Running through Dawsonville, the air got a bit chill. I had the leather ‘summer’ gloves on and the chill was just inching its way to the skin. Decided to use the stop to put on a pair of glove liners. The fewer distractions or irritations up the twisties the better. (The hunt for winter/windproof gloves is till on. Suggestions and recommendations always welcome)

I had expected a lot of traffic along the ride up. Fortunately I got a window where all the riders must be tucked away grabbing a bite some place (Two Wheels is not open yet – opens in March). Nice clear run up. The best part of the ride was the finger shift on my AE. Up and down with a flick of finger. Extremely useful handling the ‘fast’ straights running into slow left right bends and opening up into another straight. FJR just ran. Within no time I was checking in to the Wolf Pen Gap Store. Brief stop and head back down.

On the way down, I had decided to stop by the little ‘layby’ near the rock face with all the graffiti. The way down was slow as I got stuck behind a slow VW taking it’s sweet little Sunday ride down the hill. I wouldn’t be surprised if the engine was off and the car was coasting down. I was glad to jump off at the layby. The rain had messed up all the graffiti into patches of color. Still a good backdrop for some pictures. The recent rain had a small waterfall going along one corner of the rock-face. Took some pictures. A short break and cross hairs fixed on home. On the return, I planned on slabbing it down 400S. Ride up to 400 was good. Once on the 400, the only good part was opening up the throttle.

All in all a good ride to get the kinks out of the old winter bones.

The pictures:

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    1. Thanks Joe!
      I’m glad I put in a couple of days of short rides. The weather today is depressingly gray, dull and wet. Hope the coming weekend is a little better.

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