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What I Did Today – #WIDT

The design of the Super Tenere powerhouse leaves the engine / sump / oil filter exposed to damage from road debris and stones and rocks if riding off road. The stock protection – aka Skid Plate – is a basic plastic piece which would not afford any decent level of protection. Hence the Skid Plate as engine Protection is a must have for this bike. For that matter, any bike that is liable to go off-roading.

This ACD Racing Skid Plate – Made in Spain – is a strong Aluminium Plate which also protects the underbelly. I nearly had to import it from Spain using a friend in UK to finally ship to USA, since ACD Racing had stopped distributing in the USA due to some problems in their distribution relationship. Fortunately, ACD Racing just established their own branch in the USA to service the USA market.

I can confidently say this is the very first ACD Skid Plate after ACD set up their own shop in the US. For me, this plate is planned to be the ‘one & done’ Plate – whether I ride the slabs or go ‘off-road’. I bought the Raw Aluminium flavor instead of the powder coated black. Intention is to custom paint the plate later.

4 thoughts on “ACD Racing Engine Guard | All Important #WIDT”

  1. Looks pretty solid. I’m running a Givi at the moment – a few dings in the bottom but doing its job.

    I wonder why they went around the oil filter – seems to complicate things and give the plate a prominent point for first impact?

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your comment.
      It is a solid piece of equipment. Good enough for my expected level of off road riding. As I mentioned – my one and done skid plate.
      The Oil Filter Bump is pretty conspicuous, I agree. In order to get rid of that, I believe the only other option would be to create a bulge / bump going across the whole front side of the plate to allow for the Oil Filter. Similar to a custom skid plate made for the ‘WorldCrosser’ Showcase Super Tenere a few years ago. This would mean curves and bends in the manufacturing process. Perhaps this would bump up the price points.

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