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While on one of my  Grand Tour of Georgia 2017 rides I happened to pass this quaint little store in an old cottage. It was hard not to miss it. Standing right here on a nearly blind corner in the road. I decided to stop here on the way back. And I did. 

The cottage and store is in a tiny – blink and you miss it – town of Garland, GA. Close to the more popular towns of Dahlonega and Cleveland.

Bessie Mae’s is full of an eclectic selection of items for sale in every nook and cranny. The building in itself must have many stories tied to it. Built in 1892. Updated probably but seems to retain that olde world charm.

A store, a location that will be visited again, at leisure.

For more information head over to Bessie Mae’s

One thought on “Bessie Mae’s Cottage | Interesting Waypoints”

  1. Definitely worth visiting as it is an antique shop stored with treasures not even known by any individual and one can explore the past in the shop.Beautiful serene photo too.Nice little cosy shop grown over years. Thank you.Lucky you came upon this shop-Surely must have enjoyed inside-Can see the elite elegant Bicy,[parked majestically too. Best wishes. Be safe,

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