Power Supply via USB. #WIDT

What I Did Today – #WIDT

With the GPS mounted, the next question was how the GPS (and iPhone) will get power supply while on the road. 

The SuperTenere has a power supply just below and to the right of the Dashboard. It has no USB sockets. There are reasonably prices USB adapters that can power two devices. The one I had, which I tried, was a bit loose and had to regularly pushed in to make sure connections maintained and power supply coming through. 

Front eh FJR, I had a 4 USB adapter. A Saicoo product off Amazon. This has a longish cable with one end with the 4 usb sockets and the other end sits snug into the power outlet. 

The SuperTenere has a nice metal central frame which is flat and just right to mount the USB adapter. The extra cable was folded and tucked away into the corner of the housing, as much out of sight as possible. The USB adapter was then mounted to the central flat frame area with a Hook & Fastener (Velcro) Tape. A future test ride will prove if this tape is strong enough to keep the USB adapter in place. 

Two main devices – GPS and iPhone will draw power from this USB. From my experience while riding the FJR, a GoPro may also draw power in future. That is where the 4 USB sockets become handy and convenient. 

Update: May 14, 2017
After a short 1hr ride earlier today, noticed that the power cable kept popping up, losing power to the USB adapter. I had to keep checking and pushing it down. A pain. Distracting from enjoying a good ride. Work in progress. Actively looking for a more permanent no-fidget solution.

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