GPS Mounted and Connected. #WIDT

What I Did Today – WIDT

When on a rambling ride without a fixed destination, I tend to just meandre through the different roads at forks or junctions. Best way to see new areas, new vistas. But then when turning back to head home, GPS comes into play to take me home via the quickest or best route. This being the case the GPS had to be mounted and connected pronto! 

The TomTom Rider GPS that I use has a Ram Handlebar Rail mount included. On this, sits the TomTom Cradle which holds the GPS. The ultimate location of the GPS will be the Navigation Bar that is available on the SuperTenere. But for this, a specific Ram mount is required – the Ram Torque Mount. Till this comes in, the GPS will temporarily occupy the center of the Handlebars. 

  • I wrapped a small plastic strip to protect the handlebar from scuffs and scratches from the metal mounting bracket. 
  • Positioned the bracket at an incline allowing the Cradle to be positioned towards the rider, within clear view.
  • Adjusted the GPS such that it did not interfere in the view of the bike dashboard. 
  • Job done. Houston! We have direction.


Next up; Set up the Power Supply

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