Ride Connected 


Getting ready to connect up the SuperTenere. Time to Ride Connected. All Firmware updated yesterday. Set to charge the batteries. 

  1. Sena Bluetooth Headset: One of the best Tech items for the Motorcycle rider. Connects via Bluetooth to iphone for music, radio, and more importantly for any incoming or outgoing phone calls while on the road. This also connects to the GPS for audio turn-by-turn navigation. 
  2. TomTom Rider GPS: Not the most popular Brand among Motorcycle Riders, but for the type of riding that I have been doing, this served my purpose with decent features at a cheaper price point. The Garmin brand is vastly popular. Loaded with features and functions for the Rider but that puts into a higher price bracket. 
  3. LimeFuel Battery Pack for GoPro4: This battery pack on full charge can last up to 5hrs depending on GoPro use. Far longer than the standard GoPro4 batteries. Because of the size, this battery cannot be used with GoPro4 when using the Sena BlueTooth Kit to connect wireless audio feed direct to the GoPro when shooting video. 
  4. GoPro 4
  5. GoPro 5: GoPro runs a TradeUp program where a GoPro3 is returned to them for a rebate on the GoPro5. It was hard not to jump at this offer. 

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