Short Videos using the Splice iOS App

Mobile apps make it so easy to create. Whatever your passion or interests may be. Shooting videos has became so easy. iPhones, well OK – Smartphones – (can’t have the non-iOS folks feel left out, can we?), cameras with video capabilities and the ever popular GoPro. Videos in the droves. However, until recently, editing the videos, enhancing them to tell somewhat of a story meant huge software  programs in the computer. With the advent of the smartphones and tablets and the associated apps, the complete life cycle of a video – raw to finished, published (read as YouTubed) product can be completed entirely on a mobile device. And with that the Splice App.

SpliceApp. Perfect for the RoadWarrior.

I had downloaded the Splice App but never really got around to using it until the news broke that GoPro had acquired it to enhance their video editing app. After shooting a few short videos – posted last week – I used Splice to produce short ‘Instagram’ length videos. For those living their lives under a rock, Instagram allows videos of up to 15secs length.

Here are a couple. The first attempt followed by a little smoother second attempt.


Cage Free:

One thought on “Short Videos using the Splice iOS App

  1. 2 nice small fast clips…Unlike the first one which I could not open but was lucky to have watched on iphone-What a beautiful grand sleek machine to ride on and it just glides smoothly and so nice to watch. Camera angle also great not a single vibration-Driving as usual meticulous.Roads just fabulous.

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