Kibber, Near Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India

We had a day in Kaza. We decided to ride up to Kibber – I was chasing one of the highest Post Offices in the world – and to the Key Monastery. We parked up our bikes on the outskirts of Kibber near a Stupa and proceeded on foot. On hindsight, we realized we could have taken our bikes further into town. Would have saved us being winded by the High Altitude Thin Air puffing us out at every step.

There was a lush green field just as we entered the main Kibber town. The local ladies were busy picking away in robotic efficiency. Then they noticed us and their eyes followed us. They were probably trying to understand how these foreigners make such a big deal of living at this height and their lifestyle. They live it everyday. This was their life. They led a very basic life, devoid of any technology or luxuries.

Weathered by Life.
Weathered by Time.

One thought on “Weathered

  1. The wrinkles speak thousand words and the confident fathoming look in the sharp eyes watching from an angle tell us of a dignified lady residing there for years and is at home absolutely contended-Very well clad too with winter clothing and the colourful scarf speak it all-even the warm sweater and gloves too.
    Good sharp photo from a seasoned photographer scaling the beauty of life/experience at a very very high altitude up in mountains-Sharp picture.

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