The Indian Monsoons | Will it drench us or leave us dry? 

Around this time, every year, almost like an involuntary ritual, the clouds open up with welcome rain to cool off most cities and its people from the oppressive heat. Sadly, there are no controls on the amount of water being dumped from the heavens above. All or none. All in most cases. The lacking drainage infrastructure just cannot handle the deluge along with the tons of litter that makes its way into the drains and clogging them up. This leads to disruptive floods across the cities. Transport comes to a stand still. Day to day life becomes that much more difficult. Add to this the political malaise in proactively wanting to break the cycle of inconvenience to the people.

But I digress.

Nimish is on Indian grounds right now. Currently in Ranthambore chatting up all the Tigers and Leopards. He sent me a message which lead to a multip platform IM conversation between Nimish, Me and Vir – as follows:

Nimish to me (FB Messenger)
Seems like lots of rain around, including Kashmir where many of the roads are closed. Don’t know if this changes our schedule or planned route.

Vir, Helmet Stories, to me (Whatsapp), in reply to my forwarding Nimish’s query:
We Ride. We get wet. And we ride close to the Tibet Border in Spiti

Me to Vir (Whatsapp)
Cool. Perfect.
Roads open along our route?

Vir to Me (Whatsapp)
Yes. All open

I passed all these messages to Nimish. No response. With the Indian Time zone being 9.5 hrs ahead of USA EST, he’s probably out and about in the jungles, pixelating the Tigers, Leopards and what nots!

So, as it seems, we ride per schedule and per the route planned. No change. Whether we’re dry doing that or drenching wet is a question that can only be answered by Time! Time always tells.

Image via
Interesting temperatures! Red square shows the region we’ll be riding.

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