The Final Piece

Talk about cutting it fine on the time! Per my earlier post, PoshGoondas had some T-shirts, Patches and Hats with the Logo made.

After a ton of back and forth email to fill a private server [ 😉 ] , the finals were decided upon and the button pressed to set the production going. The finished items were ready in the time promised. But, as is normal when time is a premium, the wheels came off on the hat and this had to be redone. The hats were finally ready this afternoon. This meant me clipping it down the highways and bye ways during lunch break to pick up the hats.

Finally, in hand and ready to travel.

What do you think?

IMG_2324.JPGThe Hat

IMG_2325.JPGThe Shirt

IMG_2326.JPGThe Logo




9 thoughts on “The Final Piece

    • Kamini

      Do we look like we give away freebies….we are goondas after all. 🙂 But in return of some nice dinner when I return, you can have mine with sweat and dust included as bonus. 😀

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