The Bragging Goodies

I have said this before and say it again. For us, this is a ride of a lifetime. Various reasons, as cited under The Riders page. And we will want to create as many memories as possible. Memories in the mind and memories captured on media – be it video or photo.

As we did for our Rickshaw Run, we will be creating the souvenir and bragging goodies to associate with the ride. I have been a little behind schedule on this and currently rushing around like a headless chicken trying to finalize design and colors and making sure we have the items well in time before we leave.

Items that will make up the #PoshGoondas ‘merchandise’, using our Logo (image below):

  1. Embroidered Patches: These will go on our Jackets, Pants and/or Backpacks
  2. Hats:  (Or as the Limeys call them, Caps! 😉 ) The Hats will bear the Logo in the front. Undecided whether to have the hat in Red or Black. Any suggestions?
  3. Tshirts: Crew Neck with the Logo printed on the front.


3 thoughts on “The Bragging Goodies

    • Toral,

      Thanks for the suggestion.
      Due to shortage of time, we actually decided and locked in the Hat in Black color.
      Thanks for your suggestion.
      If you have not please subscribe for automatic update direct to your email.

      ~ Rakesh

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