The Assemble

At the time of writing this post, our Countdown clock has stepped into the Teens. 19 days 21 hours to the start of our ride on July 5. However, we have a 2 day travel time. Which means we have a Real Time of 17 days and loose change as hours. This applies to the two, using Nimish’s label for us, Indo-Yanks! Nimish, the Indo-Limey leaves a week earlier than us out of UK. He travels to Ranthambore related to his interest, hobby, passion of Tiger Preservation.

I enjoy the preparatory elements of travel – packing my bags and choosing my outfits – but my favourite part is getting there.
Dominic Monaghan

Needless to say, we now have to initiate active Prep mode. Thus far we have been loosely working off lists and checking the items off. Items we didn’t have, had to be bought. Other items to be pulled out, cleaned and prepped. Every time I think about the Gear and Equipment, I have the fear of forgetting that one item that could mess up the trip. To avoid this, I need to make up a Global final checklist of Equipment, Gear, Clothes we need to carry with us.

Broadly our list would be drilled down under the following List:

  1. Motorcycle Gear
  2. Photographic Gear
  3. Non-motorcycle Gear

On my part, I have the first two items under control. Items are in hand and those that were not have been ordered and are winging their way to me, as we speak.

The photo below is not that of my ‘to be packed’ items. Collecting, assembling and laying out the gear as shown makes the packing so much easier. It would surely be packing instead of stuff everything into a bag. Then pray like hell that you find something when it is needed!

The photo above is not that of my ‘to be packed’ items.

The Non-motorcycle Gear involves, as the name suggests, Gear or apparel that are non-Motorcycle. Casual clothes, shoes, Tshirts, pants etc. These would of course include our Travel clothes as well as casuals we would need for the daily overnight stops we’ll be making. For the times to chill after a good ride or just amble and walkaround the little towns we will be stopping at. Motorcycle Pants, Jackets and Boots are perfect for while on the Motorcycle. The gear most certainly is not made for walkabouts or strolling about. The weight, the bulk of the armor protection just makes for us looking like stuffed up Robots.

I will elaborate on each item listed above in future posts. Till then, excuse me while I day dream of the ride into and up one of the most picturesque areas of India.

[This post was created entirely on the iOS platform via the iPad. Road Warriors indeed]

11 thoughts on “The Assemble

    • Thanks Pooja,

      The Cyclades it is not! More the thrill than the chill.
      But we’re looking forward to this adventure with child like excitement and anticipation. 17 days now.

  1. Now you getting me worried. Laying out all these items like this when you still have 19 days to go is not helpful. I need to start putting things together or else might have to steal some of the Indo-Yankee material. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hello Rakesh Nimish Jatin,

    Meticulous preparations indeed.

    Saw the road route from Chandigarh then rising higher and higher Simla Mountain backdrop Himalayas into Leh via zigzag route. The route reminds me, Rakesh, of the drive we enjoyed to New York virtually over the Applachian mountains but this one much higher through narrow cliffs, high mountains, gorgeous river, great scenery and snowy slopes of winter time! But now Monsoon time so u all should have a nice ride.

    We wish you a safe journey on the entire route and May God protect you all and wish you a safe return home. Have fun.

    Dalai Lama says one must constant travel to different places to get enlightened. Leh could not have been a better place. Wonderful Divine location. Photos similar to Moon-like terrain!
    Take care and lots of blessings for a successful trip. Best of luck for the ride. Take care.

    Pappa Mummy na ashirwad

  3. Thank you very much Uncle. I am sure all the preparations along with the blessings will pay off to make it a memorable trip for us and all those who follow us.

    • Chet,

      Thanks Chet,

      I wonder what my fellow rider, the Indo-Limey would label you as?? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      If you have not please subscribe for automatic update direct to your email.

      We promise to really spam bombard your inbox!

      ~ Rakesh

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