PoshGoondas take to the skies

Just as I finished my Sandwich – a late lunch – Jatin reached the Terminal and Gate. Within a moment, PoshGoondas strength was doubled. Quick exchange of pleasantaries followed by some Gear talk and we got down to the task of waiting for the Boarding call. Boarding was chaotic at best. Much as expected and thus humorous rather than frustrating. The scene at the Gate after Boarding was called was very reminiscent of a poor little shepherd boy trying to bring home an unruly, uncooperative flock of sheep! 

We settled down into our seats. And a little bit of humorous drama ensued in the middle row of seats next to ours. This was a group / family of around 8-12 people. The leading men, under the direction of their respective wives, took it upon themselves to ‘request’ and rearrange seating such that the members of the group could sit together. Passengers were moved to other seats with requests oozing with humility and respect. Like a burst of wind blowing leaves in all directions, the family and other passengers buzzed between seats. All this happening while passengers were boarding and trying to find their seats, patiently waiting in the aisles for the mini storm to settle. Impressingly, the men and their wives orchestrated the proceedings quite efficiently and the storm blew over. Only for one of the wives to realise that she didn’t now where her own child was sitting. Child found. Mom happy. Until. Until one of the other women in group call out a young boy and hand over a large plastic bag and order him to hand the bag (which as it turns out is full of food!) to the crew in the galley at the back of the aircraft. “Make sure they put it in the fridge and not the freezer” I’d like to think that someone in the group was also carrying a kitchen sink in their luggage. 

Intermittent Power naps ensued. Some while watching a movie. Only to wake up to a large chunk of the movie missed and thus rewound to the last waking point! I had my watch set to India time and tried to keep to that time zone as much as my body would allow. 

Apart from that the flight into BRU – Brussels Airport was as most flights are. We had about an hour between disembarking from one flight to boarding time on our next flight. We thought we’d grab some Belgian Chocolates from the World’s largest or busiest Belgian Chocolate store. The store was beyond our Gate area. Which meant another security check when we came back in. Just not worth the hassle. The plan was laid to rest. Instead we opted for a Brew at a Starbucks! After all the IATA Code for Brussels Airport is BRU. 🙂 

Free WiFi was found. An element of ease and relief it brings! WiFi has come to be nearly as important as the air we breathe. Charging points and WiFi. Have those and life is good. Quick updates on various Social Networks. Some email answered. Some #PoshGoondas bragging done. Which brought us to boarding time for our next flight – the Brussels Delhi sector – a 7.5 hr flight. Somehow the whole aircraft is hypnotized into closing the window blinds – even though it early morning outside – and thus lulling everyone to get cosy and sleep. Once again the effort was to keep to the Indian Time zone. Once again intermittent Power naps. 

As I pen this update – or rather ‘key’ in this update, we have just 2hrs 20mins of flight time left to Delhi, currently flying over the Turkmenistan/Afghanistan region. 

More later.  



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  1. Almost there! Hang in there. Well done and best wishes for the journey ahead for the goonda meet up.

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